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Your words touched my heart. I'm currently in my recliner with a blanket, pillow, and my coffee. I've been living with Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy,a progressive chronic neuro pain disease that affects Sympathetic nervous system and immune system for 21 years. At first i was despondent knowing I had to give up the career I had and wondering how to be a mom of 4 year old when in & out of hospital. My mom gave me courage by telling me of her horrific memories in WWII & told me I will also find strength and my own way. 8 years ago I wrote my 1st novel in my recliner and my bed in spite of my pain. But I've been really struggling to find my purpose as I'm recovering from spinal surgery that has been very painful and traumatic(physically &emotionally). However,your words today(and your previous posts) along with Ms.Piepzna-Samarasinha’s (I'll be reading her book) quote have renewed my inspiration. You've reminded me that I am still capable and will find my own way again. Thank you and I wish you stay well and safe.p.s. Gwen and Dylan are adorable🥰

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Thank you so much for this comment, Kathleen. I'm typing this sitting on my couch while snuggled underneath my heating pad and blanket. :) It's so encouraging to find other chronically ill/disabled folks who share similar experiences. <3 Wishing you some good days in your future!

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